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Modeling of esterification-pervaporation integrated system of acrylic acid with ethanol

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Raipur (CG), India
  • 2Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Raipur (CG), India
  • 3Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Raipur (CG), India

Res. J. Engineering Sci., Volume 6, Issue (3), Pages 10-15, March,26 (2017)


Kinetic model for esterification of acrylic acid with ethanol using sulphuric acid (H2SO4) as a catalyst coupled pervaporation process was established in this work. The major effects of different parameters such as reaction temperature, ratios of initial molar quantity of reactants, membrane area, catalyst concentration and membrane permeability on the esterification reaction and the permeation kinetics of water removed by pervaporation were taken into consideration in this kinetic model. The developed model equations are solved by the ODE solver, ode45 implemented in the MATLAB. The esterification of acrylic acid with ethanol usingH2SO4 was carried out at a temperature range of 50–70°C, catalyst concentration of 1-3% of reaction mixture and initial reactant molar ratio of 1:1-1:3. The conversion of acrylic acid or yield of ethyl acrylate was enhanced in a pervaporation reactor as compared to a conventional reactor. The result indicates that the esterification pervaporation integrated system accelerates the rate of ester formation by removing water.


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