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Design and modeling of a tractor wheel-based climbing robot for circular pole with two degree of freedom

Author Affiliations

  • 1Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, IES IPS Academy, Indore, India

Res. J. Engineering Sci., Volume 6, Issue (2), Pages 1-4, February,26 (2017)


This paper describes the development of climbing robot for a uniformly cylindrical structure, such as an outdoor telephone pole. This robot, centre shaft motor of 12 V-mass 2.5 kg, pole diameter 10-15cm and 4 tractor wheels includes several features, linkage designs, to provide high speed climbing. The primary goal of this project was to design, construct and testing a robot that could successfully climb on a circular pole with two degree of freedom. After analyzing existing climbing robot designs, a robot prototype was built using calculations. Our prime consideration in designing pole climbing robot with simple in design and light in weight. The mechanical structure is designed to move on the circular pole in upwards against the gravitational forces. To provide gripping we used tractor wheels. The results show that the robot can successfully climb the pole having two degree of freedom. Pole climbing robot has the potential to work as spray painting, welding, pipe cutting, and extreme height repairing work.


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