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Fault Detection System in Transmission Line Network

Author Affiliations

  • 1ET and T Department, BIT, Durg, India
  • 2ET and T Department, BIT, Durg, India

Res. J. Engineering Sci., Volume 5, Issue (5), Pages 16-19, May,26 (2016)


Now a days, technology has advanced and its incorporation is playing such a significant role in human life that the order of the electricity power for the household, commercial and industrial loads is getting enhanced .Also, managing the electricity power distribution system is getting more complex. Thus, examining such kind of faults is an imperative and complicated charge in power system. For accurate detection and study of these faults, there is a requirement of model that detects this faults and its distance in transmission line. The statistical model precisely detains the performance of such unusual faults and position in suitable mode, and prevents power system from faulty energy. The faults which occur in transmission lines can cause interruptions of power supplied. We can develop an outline in this concern to have an in built intelligence to sense the incidence of error in the transmission line. So, to make sure a secured operation of distribution and decrease the losses occurred by accidents, a far-off monitoring and controlling system is developed. This paper proposes Fault Detection, Classification and auto retrieve from the fault in Power Transmission Lines based on MATLAB with Arduino 328 hardware which helps in greatly reducing the human effort, minimizes times and works safely and proficiently without the interference of human being.


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