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Modeling and Simulation of Pitch and Yaw Angle Control in Unmanned Under Water Vehicle Under Water Vehicle

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg, India
  • 2Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg, India

Res. J. Engineering Sci., Volume 5, Issue (4), Pages 11-19, April,26 (2016)


In various research and experimental areas under the water without human intervention we need a vehicle which can do the required task is known as “unmanned under water vehicle”. In this project we will efficiently model the system and perform the various simulation tasks for pitch angle and yaw angle control by using various control techniques. By using these control techniques we will obtain the best possible performance technique to control the pitch angle and yaw angle and also here we will close compare the various parameters of different controllers.


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