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Waste plastic Pyrolysis oil Alternative Fuel for CI Engine - A Review

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, GCOE, Amravati, MS, INDIA

Res. J. Engineering Sci., Volume 2, Issue (2), Pages 26-30, February,26 (2013)


Environmental concern and availability of petroleum fuels have caused interests in the search for alternate fuels for internal combustion engines. Conversion of waste to energy is one of the recent trends in minimizing not only the waste disposal but also could be used as an alternate fuel for internal combustion engines. Waste plastics are indispensable materials in the modern world and application in the industrial field is continually increasing. In this context, waste plastics are currently receiving renewed interest. As an alternative, non biodegradable, and renewable fuel, waste plastic oil is receiving increasing attention. In the present paper waste plastic pyrolysis oil, waste plastic pyrolysis oil and its blend with diesel has been introduced as an alternative fuel. In this study, a review of research papers on various operating parameters have been prepared for better understanding of operating conditions and constrains for waste plastic pyrolysis oil and its blends fuelled compression ignition engine.


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