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Studies on Synthesis, Characterization and Viscosity Behaviour of Nano Chitosan

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Textile Chemistry, Faculty of Technology and Engineering, The M.S.University of Baroda, Vadodara-390001, INDIA
  • 2 Faculty of Textile Processing, Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology, Surat-395001, INDIA

Res. J. Engineering Sci., Volume 1, Issue (4), Pages 9-15, October,26 (2012)


The enhanced performance of chitosan (CHT) treated cotton fabric is anticipated tobe achieved by scaling down the particle size of former to nano level for its greater penetration into the fabric structure. Nano-chitosan (CHTN) was synthesized by ionic gelation of CHT and sodium tripolyphosphate (TPP). The sample was characterized by the determination of particle size and polydispersity index (pdi) on particle size analyzer. Effect of various parameters such as molecular weight and concentration of CHT, concentrations of TPP on particle size were studied. Low molecular weight chitosans were prepared by nitrous acid hydrolysis method and the molecular weights were determined viscometrically. Attempts were made to correlate the viscosity behaviour with particle size of chitosan. The storage stability of CHTN dispersions was studied by periodic evaluation of their viscosity.


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