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Experimental Investigation of a New Solar Flat Plate Collector

Author Affiliations

  • 1School of Mechanical and Building Sciences, VIT University, Vellore-632014, INDIA

Res. J. Engineering Sci., Volume 1, Issue (4), Pages 1-8, October,26 (2012)


A new and inexpensive solar water heater has been tested. The collector is of sandwich type. The absorber is made of 2 sheets of GI (1 mm) with integrated canals, painted in silica based black paint.Experiments have been carried out to test the performance of both the water heaters under water circulation with a small pump and the results are compared. The results show that the system can reach satisfactory levels of efficiency. Furthermore it proves to be inexpensive and easier to manufacture which makes it a potential technological solution to the domestic water heating problems in rural India.


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