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Adsorption of Cu2+ ions onto Polyvinyl alcohol-Alginate bound Nano Magnetite Microspheres: A Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Department of Chemistry, Government Vishwanath Yadav Tamskar Post Graduate Autonomous College, Durg, CG, 491001, INDIA

Int. Res. J. Environment Sci., Volume 4, Issue (4), Pages 12-21, April,22 (2015)


The sorption efficiency of elimination of copper (II) ions by adsorption onto polyvinyl alcohol-alginate bound nano magnetite microspheres [PVA-ANM] from water has been investigated. The effect of agitation time, mass of adsorbent, temperature, adsorbate strength, and initial pH was studied by batch mode. The microspheres were magnetized in-situ and the phase identification, morphology and size of magnetite nanoparticles were analyzed using FTIR, XRD, and TEM respectively. Mechanics values like constants for rate, capacities of equilibrium sorption, and coefficients of connected correlation for every kinetic rate model were evaluated and described by using equations of reversible rate model of first order, rate model of pseudo first order, rate model of second order and rate model of pseudo second order equation respectively. Thermodynamic study showed negative values of G,0 and which indicated the surface assimilation of copper (II) ions were physically controlled, exoergic and spontaneous. The prepared adsorbent PVA-ANM microspheres was obtained an efficient sorbent for removal of Cu 2+ions from water and wastewater and might be regenerated and reused several times without any detectable losses.


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