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In vitro determination of anti-cancer, anti-Inflammatory and anti-dibetic potential among selected species of Spilanthes Jacq.

Author Affiliations

  • 11Department of Botany, St. Teresa’s College EKM, Kerala, India
  • 21Department of Botany, St. Teresa’s College EKM, Kerala, India
  • 31Department of Botany, St. Teresa’s College EKM, Kerala, India

Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., Volume 6, Issue (6), Pages 26-29, June,10 (2017)


Many medicinal plants were with a long history of use in medicine against a variety of diseases. Spilanthes (Asteraceae) an important medicinal plant grown in tropics and subtropics, well-known indigenous medicine, has been used for the treatment of many disease such cancer, diabetes mellitus and skin infections. The aim of this study was to focusedthe biological activities of four Spilanthessps. against anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic and anticancer activities and to evaluate the pharmacognostic activity of the plants. S. vazhachalensis Sheela, S. ghoshinis, S.calva DC, S. radicans Jacq plants showed good anticancer activity against DLA cell lines using the assays. Ethanolic extract of S.ghoshinis showed potent cytotoxic activity with cytotoxic percentage (10%-57%) and S.calva showed least activity (2%-11%). Anti-inflammatory studies and antidiabetic property of the Spilanthes sps. showed better result and thus it has immense role ethnomedicine and preparation of new drug formulation in near future.


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