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The Assessment of IL-12 P40 among Primary pulmonary and Chronic (Old) Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Author Affiliations

  • 1College of Sciences, Department of Biology, University of Babylon, IRAQ

Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., Volume 2, Issue (12), Pages 1-4, December,10 (2013)


The possible role of Il-12 +P40 assessment as a biomarker for tuberculosis disease is being reported. It was found thatIL-12+p40 can discriminate between PPTB, sputum AFB shedders OPTB and sputum non AFB shedders as concentration means are taken in consideration . Since there were a range of individual variations in tuberculosis patients and controls, reflecting variations in genetic backgrounds of the best control groups. All of the aforementioned forms of tuberculus disease in man rises up the levels of IL-12+P40 . Such IL-12+P40 level rising in OPTB was diseases stage and patients age dependent. Conversely, inhibition occurred in Il-12+P40 levels with chronicity at the age ranges of 25-34y and 40-55y. Sputum AFB shedders in OPTB group associated with high IL-12 +P40 levels, while, the non shedders were with low IL-12+P40 levels . In PPTB group, however, there were with neither age range dependence nor inhibition of IL-12+P40 level could be noted.


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