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Fresh water fishes in Barua Sagar Jhil of Jhansi Distt. of U.P., India

Author Affiliations

  • 1ASCA Govt. P.G. College Niwari, Distt. Niwari, M.P., India
  • 2ASCA Govt. P.G. College Niwari, Distt. Niwari, M.P., India
  • 3ASCA Govt. P.G. College Niwari, Distt. Niwari, M.P., India
  • 4ASCA Govt. P.G. College Niwari, Distt. Niwari, M.P., India

Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., Volume 10, Issue (3), Pages 38-39, August,10 (2021)


The present study gives the information regarding the fish fauna of Barua Sagar Jhil of Jhansi District of Uttar Pradesh. During present study 16 fish species were observed which belong to 5 orders, 8 families and 11 genera. All fish species were identified with the help of available literatures and listed as follow- Labeo rohita, Labeo calbasu, Labeo bata, Labeo gonius, Catla catla, Cirrhinus mrigala, Chaqunius chagunio, Notopterus notopterus, Clarias batracus, Wallago attu, Heteropneustes fossilis, Mytus aor, Mystus seenghala, Mastacembelus armatus, Channa punctatus , Channa striatus.


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