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Effect of the Aqueous Extract of Boerhavia Difusa Roots and Leaves of Hypoglycemic as well as Immuno Support Activity

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Dayanand PG College, Bachhrawan, Raebareli, INDIA

Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., Volume 1, Issue (6), Pages 62-65, October,10 (2012)


Boerhavia diffusa (Family Nyctaginaceae) is a herbal plant, which is common in the tropics in both dry and rainy seasons. It is found in India and many other countries. In India it is found especially in swampy areas and commonly used as rabbit food by the local population. The herbalists, however, use the aqueous leaf extract to treat diabetes in man (unpublished data). The plant exhibits a somewhat periodic efficacy, with its maximum activity being noticed in the month of May. diffusa is used in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and cardiotonic properties. It is used in the treatment of elephantiasis, night blindness and coneal ulcers.


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