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A study on the comparative effect of smoke of Havana-pooja and diesel on Chromolaena odorata

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Botany Govt. K.P.G. College Jagdalpur Bastar C.G, PIN 494001 INDIA

Int. Res. J. Biological Sci., Volume 1, Issue (5), Pages 42-45, September,10 (2012)


Three healthy Chromolaena odorata plant were taken and labeled as A, B and C respectively. Two of them were given different smoke conditions for 5 days. Primarily the effect of smoke produced from havana-pooja and combustion of diesel are compared to show that both have almost similar effect on plants. Secondly the minimum conditions which are required to make Havana-pooja a treatment therapy are studied. Plant A was allowed to grow under normal condition and plant B and C were treated with the smoke of havana - pooja and diesel respectively. Similar morphological symptoms were observed in planr B and C. Our study clearly shows that if havana-Pooja is not performed with care, instead of treatment for ailments it can be as lethal as inhaling diesel smoke.


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