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The effect of workload on the diurnal variations of blood pressure among teachers (Age 35-60 yrs) of Kashmir University, India

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Home Science, Government College for Women, Baramulla, India

Res. J. Family, Community and Consumer Sci., Volume 5, Issue (5), Pages 1-4, July,27 (2017)


Lifestyle factors are crucial determinants of hypertension. With the growing concept of modern lifestyles and increasing prosperity, prevalence of high blood pressures is on rise, studies have shown that about 60% population of Kashmir is hypertensive and lifestyle is an important risk factor for it. Hypertension thus becomes an increasingly important clinical problem. To study the prevalence of high blood pressure among the teachers of Kashmir University (age group 35+). And to check the diurnal variations in blood pressure due to workload. 106 participants (age 35+ to 60 years) from Kashmir University undertaken for the study were examined using both questionnaires as well as monitored twice a day (before and after work) for their blood pressures to check the diurnal variations. This study was a case- control study. The analysis of the data was done using t-test, &


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