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Embroidery- An Embellishment on Women’s wear

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Fashion Designing, Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar, INDIA

Res. J. Family, Community and Consumer Sci., Volume 3, Issue (9), Pages 1-3, November,27 (2015)


The present study entitled “Embroidery- An embellishment on women’s wear was conducted in Jalandhar city. A random sampling was done to select sample of 30 embroiderers. An interview schedule was prepared to collect the required information which was tabulated and analyzed. Highest score was given to the most preferred feature and lowest to the least preferred. Then theses scores were summed and given ranks. It was observed that among the mode of embroidery, first preference was given to machine embroidery with hand work. In case of embroidery patterns, Bel pattern got the maximum score (94). Regarding type of embroidery motifs most of the respondent’s preferred floral motifs and cotton thread (score-68) was given first rank among the type of embroidery threads. As far as sources of designs are concerned embroidery samples got the maximum score (S-96). In case of different materials used in embroidery sequins were the most preferred material with score 225, followed by stones (score-212).


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