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Comparative Study of Feeding Soyachakali and Soyaflakes to Malnourished Preschool Children and its Impact on their Biochemical Analysis

Author Affiliations

  • 1Pravara Rural Education Society’s, Home Science and BCA College, Loni. Taluka-Rahata, District –Ahmednagar, INDIA

Res. J. Family, Community and Consumer Sci., Volume 3, Issue (7), Pages 1-3, September,27 (2015)


More than five million children die each year as a result of under nutrition. Furthermore, billions of people suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, especially of iron, iodine, vitamin A and zinc. Good nutrition is also constrained by inadequate safe drinking water and sanitation. To treat malnutrition among the preschool children the formulation of locally based protein rich product is must hence attempt was made to formulate soyabased food products such as soyachakali and Soyaflakes Chiwada. Soya products were formulated and prepared by standard methods. Organoleptically selected soya products were analyzed for its chemical composition such as protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and anti nutritional factors. These products were supplemented to preschool malnourished children @ 40 gm/head/day for six months. Preschool malnourished children were graded according to grade of malnutrition. Their biochemical parameter such as serum iron (µg/dl) serum proteins (gl/dl), serum vitamin A (IU/dl), serum zinc (µg ml), blood glucose mg/dl and Haemoglobin g/dl had done monthly for six months. It had shown highly significant changes in blood glucose level, haemoglobin, serum protein, serum vitamin A, serum iron and serum zinc of preschool children after supplementation of soyaproducts.


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