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Lack of mathematical knowledge in two-year B.Ed. programme: Indian Context

Author Affiliations

  • 1Gobardanga Hindu College, City-Gobardanga, P.O.-Khantura, Dist- North 24 Parganas, West Bengal-743273, India

Res. J.Educational Sci., Volume 7, Issue (3), Pages 8-10, September,1 (2019)


This study examines the lack of Mathematics knowledge in two-year B.Ed. curriculum from the year 2015. Teachers-Educational Institutions can play a significant role in bringing changes to the Education System and can develop a Nation. Teacher Training Institute is actually a Teacher-Making Factory, which has been playing an important role in the formation of a nation and a nation for a long time. Here teachers of various pedagogy subjects are trained. For example - Bengali, Sanskrit, English, History, Geography, Biology, Education, Physics Mathematics and Chemistry, etc. Mathematics is one of them. While studying Pedagogy on a specific subject in two year\'s Bed. Course, students also have to study other subjects and Pedagogics. In general two years B.Ed. courses can be divided into three categories, a) Theory Part, b) Practicum and c) Internship. This study focuses on the practical work and use of mathematical knowledge on the overview of two universities, one of which is WBSU and the other is WBUTTPA in West Bengal, India. The methodology of the study is a mixed type involving an interpretative, interview, observation and study secondary sources, like books, articles, journal, thesis, university news, expert opinion and websites etc. Finally, meaningful suggestions are offered.


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