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Women in Higher Education Management in India

Author Affiliations

  • 1 A.S. College of Education, Khanna, Samrala Road, Ludhiana, Punjab, INDIA

Res. J.Educational Sci., Volume 3, Issue (8), Pages 1-3, October,1 (2015)


A nation’s cultural, social and economic development is highly dependent on higher education of women. As a result of which, one can say that spending money on educating women will not go a waste. In fact, it will provide for and improve the economy and development of nations. For example, if the nation is aiming at abolishing poverty, they must be at the helm and be involved in policy making and implementation. Because of their basic quality to be economical, they will not only drive the country towards economical self-sufficiency but also development. Further women understand the human need better and this leads to better resolution of conflicts and motivation of employees. Studies have shown that women are much more creative than men, yet at the same time innovative and organized. Women by nature are economical and as a result of which do not cause undue wastage of resources and unnecessary expenses. If women are provided with the right access backed by the right governmental policies, they can also impact the well–being of the environment and public health at national level.


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