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Congestion analysis in wireless network using predictive techniques

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg, India
  • 2Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg, India

Res. J. Computer & IT Sci., Volume 5, Issue (7), Pages 1-4, September,20 (2017)


With the increasing number of internet users the non-stop growing traffic is starting to experience unexpected scenario of network congestion. This paper comprehensively reviews on congestion detection and control mechanism using predictive techniques. Here more number of mechanisms and methods are made to identify various types of network problems in existing network environment. Prediction of network congestion is a technique to ensure the reliability, maintenance of network traffic and availability of the network. Rapidly growing need of service, more techniques are implemented to maintain the QoS of the network.


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