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Effect of plant bio-regulators on growth, yield and quality of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch) cv. Sweet Charlie

Author Affiliations

  • 1National Agriculture Research Project, Mahabaleshwar Dist. Satara, Maharashtra, India
  • 2National Agriculture Research Project, Mahabaleshwar Dist. Satara, Maharashtra, India

Res. J. Agriculture & Forestry Sci., Volume 6, Issue (2), Pages 6-8, February,8 (2018)


The present study indicates that the growth, yield contributing characters and yield of strawberry cv. Sweet Charlie fruits were significantly influence by various bio-regulators. Among different bio-regulators GA3 75 ppm recorded the significantly the highest yield 33.71 t ha-1. However, the highest values with respect to different growth parameters, viz., Plant height (18.19 cm) was recorded with NAA 400 ppm, while the highest (26.72 cm) NS plant spread was recorded with application of GA3 25 ppm. The maximum plant spread (EW) (27.20 cm) was recorded with GA3 75 ppm. Among different yield contributing characters viz., berry weight (14.49 g), number of berries per plant (46.68) and yield per plant (674.33g), GA3 75 ppm showed superiority than other plant bio-regulators. The maximum TSS (10.610Brix) was also recorded in GA3 75 ppm.


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